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Tom & Jenna: Married!

Sometimes, just writing one blog post can take me days. I want to make sure that my words adequately describe the feeling behind a day as important as a wedding…the anticipation, the emotion, and the joy that each couple experiences. For Jenna and Tom, my thoughts were pretty much ready to write the moment I left this incredible day. Right after their emotional first look, Tom so sincerely said “I feel like a weight has been lifted now that we are together.” This speaks volumes to who Jenna and Tom are as a couple. There is an undeniable sense of commitment, of caring for one another, of a love that has been challenged and strengthened for the better part of ten years. On one hand they seem like best friends, but on the other, they are so madly in love. Their early summer day in Salem was one where everything kept falling perfectly into place. The sun held out until everyone was safely inside..ready to party the night away (with a cardboard cut-out of Tom…my favorite detail for sure!!). Jenna and Tom, I am so excited to see what the future holds for you! Congratulations and enjoy this sneak peek!



John & Sarah: Engaged!

On a somewhat windy Spring day, I met up at Stage Fort Park for John and Sarah’s engagement session. Little did I know what a pleasure photographing these two..plus adorable puppy Ollie!… would be. We had the best time chatting about their past (they were prom dates in High School and have the pictures to prove it!) and all about their wedding next year back in Gloucester. John and Sarah, you were such great sports and your love for one another shows in every image. I can’t wait to be right back in the same area in less than a year!!

Scott & Brianne: Married!

In the months leading up to Scott and Brianne’s wedding day at the Red Lion Inn, we had lots of conversations on the phone and through email to go through every detail…but a formal, in-person meeting just never happened for one reason or another. I had a hint of what Brianne and Scott’s personalities would be, as they seemed so down to earth and kind over the phone. However, I don’t think I really prepared myself for just how special these two are. As soon as I walked in to Brianne’s room at the Red Lion Inn, she immediately made me feel like a part of her group. Her warmth radiates and the joy coming from her face was contagious. Scott was exactly the same, which comes as no surprise since these two are made for one another. This beautiful April day has been replaying in my head for a week now…and I cannot wait another minute to share all the gorgeous details (seriously Brianne and Scott you two have some serious style!). Words don’t adequately relay my feelings so let’s go straight to the pictures. Brianne and Scott you two are the real deal. I wish you a lifetime of the same happiness that was so evident on your amazing day.

Seth & Justine: Married!

During their beautiful spring ceremony, Seth and Justine’s rabbi told a story about two children building a sandcastle. How they spent all day building and perfecting their work of art only to have the tide come and knock it down. Instead of getting upset, the two simply laugh…knowing that tomorrow will bring a new chance to start all over. In comparing this story to marriage, he reminded Seth and Justine that just like the tide, life brings obstacles. But if a couple has a strong foundation, there is always a chance to build again. As I stood there listening and snapping away, it occurred to me that there aren’t too many couples that have a bond like Seth and Justine. They met on the very first day of college orientation, and have been inseparable since. Anyone who spends even half a minute with these two can see how in love they are. It was an honor to photograph their wedding, which started with an emotional first look at the Beauport Hotel, followed by a traditional ceremony down the street at the Cruiseport. A live band provided an extremely fun party…complete with a full dance routine by Seth and his mom (which brought down the house!!). Seth and Justine-what can I say except what a day! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness…