Joe & Kerrie: Married!

About two years ago, I photographed the marriage of Mimi and Chris. At the reception, there just happened to be a couple who were the first one’s on the dance floor, busting a move like no one was watching. I remember thinking to myself how happy they seemed as they danced the night away. Imagine my excitement when I received an email this spring from the very same couple…announcing their engagement and plans for an intimate July wedding. Joe and Kerrie were married on a bright (and very hot!) summer day in Swampscott. Their closest friends and family gathered around to watch them commit to a lifetime together. The ceremony was so uniquely Kerrie and Joe…filled with joy and laughter! I loved how each witness passed Kerrie’s ring around the circle, saying a wish or a blessing as it went. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around town, taking pictures at the beach and on Joe’s bike. I just know that the rest of Joe and Kerrie’s lives together will be filled with the kind of happiness that I have seen now on two separate occasions. Congratulations to you both and enjoy this sneak peek!!

Liz & Emily: Married!

I love this next wedding for so many reasons. I love that Liz and Emily chose a spot as personal as Duxbury Beach. The home where Liz spent every summer growing up, eventually bringing her new love to spend a few months together along the same beautiful shores. I love that Liz and Emily were barefoot on the beach as their good friend Peter began the ceremony by reciting the Supreme Court ruling which finally recognized same-sex marriages as law, underscoring that all love is equal. I love that Liz and Emily’s parents wrote meaningful words about their daughters, which were read aloud and resulted in lots of happy tears. I love that this powerful yet intimate ceremony was followed by a champagne toast, an amazing brunch, and a beach day for each guest. I love that dinner was served just as the sun set in the backyard, slowly creeping below the marsh as everyone gathered to talk about an unforgettable day. I love that I have known Liz for over twenty years. Our first meeting was in Middle School when Liz’s family moved in to the house next door down in Duxbury. Our families have been intertwined ever since, through each phase that life has to offer. I love that when Liz brought Emily home for the first time…I knew. I knew a future together was in the works from the very first interaction. When Liz and Emily are in the same place, there is palpable joy. More than anything…I love knowing deep down, with no hesitation, that two people are going to be together forever. Liz and Emily….thank you for allowing me to witness not just your wedding day, but the whole story that is your love for one another. You are both beautiful women from the inside out, and have that one of a kind relationship that will continue to catch fire as the years go by. From the looks of it, you are just getting started and I can’t wait to see what your life together will bring. Cheers to you both and see you down the beach!!

PS: I highly recommend checking out catering by The Henry’s. The food they created is not only delicious, but a work of art!

Tom & Jenna: Married!

Sometimes, just writing one blog post can take me days. I want to make sure that my words adequately describe the feeling behind a day as important as a wedding…the anticipation, the emotion, and the joy that each couple experiences. For Jenna and Tom, my thoughts were pretty much ready to write the moment I left this incredible day. Right after their emotional first look, Tom so sincerely said “I feel like a weight has been lifted now that we are together.” This speaks volumes to who Jenna and Tom are as a couple. There is an undeniable sense of commitment, of caring for one another, of a love that has been challenged and strengthened for the better part of ten years. On one hand they seem like best friends, but on the other, they are so madly in love. Their early summer day in Salem was one where everything kept falling perfectly into place. The sun held out until everyone was safely inside..ready to party the night away (with a cardboard cut-out of Tom…my favorite detail for sure!!). Jenna and Tom, I am so excited to see what the future holds for you! Congratulations and enjoy this sneak peek!



John & Sarah: Engaged!

On a somewhat windy Spring day, I met up at Stage Fort Park for John and Sarah’s engagement session. Little did I know what a pleasure photographing these adorable puppy Ollie!… would be. We had the best time chatting about their past (they were prom dates in High School and have the pictures to prove it!) and all about their wedding next year back in Gloucester. John and Sarah, you were such great sports and your love for one another shows in every image. I can’t wait to be right back in the same area in less than a year!!