Tracy and Paul’s wedding day was like food for my photographer soul. As cheesy as this may sound, it is so true for a multitude of reasons. Tracy and Paul have a sort of effortless relationship where you wonder if there was ever a time when they weren’t together. Both are cool-quiet, heartfelt and genuine people who appreciate the company of friends and family. They are not afraid to be themselves, which is a trait that I truly admire. It is this quality that shone through the most on their fall wedding day at the Lyman Estate. Instead of worrying about the rain, Tracy and Paul moved forward with an outdoor ceremony between the “two trees.” A super romantic al-fresco dinner followed, surrounded by the beautiful grounds of the estate and a bunch of soft twinkling lights. These two never compromised on their vision, and the result was simply breathtaking. I wish Tracy and Paul a life where they remain exactly as they are now…head over heels in love, like they are the only two people in the room.