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John & Heather: Married!

This blog feels like so much more than a little sneak peek. How do you fit, into one small paragraph, all the words that appropriately explain the emotions behind a celebration as beautiful as John and Heathers? I guess we can start at the beginning. Almost eight years ago when I moved to a new town, chose a new hair salon, and met Heather. Little did I know back then that the sweet young girl behind my chair would become a friend to talk to on a monthly basis. We would chat about “a new guy…nothing serious” and then later, “ok, ya I guess it’s serious” until finally, John and Heather were engaged. Heather would explain all of her plans for a stylish, bohemian wedding at the Bedford Village Inn, all the while smiling from ear to ear. When the day arrived, nothing could have prepared me for just how magical each and every detail would be. Not just the flowers and flower crowns, mix and match bridesmaid dresses, or Heather’s stunning blush wedding dress. To me, it all culminated when John and Heather locked eyes for the first time and all their nerves washed away…replaced with joy for the rest of the evening. To say this wedding was an honor to photograph sounds like such an understatement. John and Heather…you are the real deal. Everyone around you can sense just how happy you make each other, and that happiness becomes contagious. Always remember how you felt on your wedding day and look back at these pictures for proof. I wish you nothing but the best and can’t wait to see what lies ahead! Cheers to a lifetime together!!

Patrick & Kim: Married!

Sometimes, I think the best relationships are the ones where two people are friends first. This is definitely the case with Kim and Patrick. They perhaps define what it means to stay together through thick and thin, celebrating the joys and weathering the storms as team. To highlight this point, let’s just say that these two High School sweethearts have prom pictures to prove their devotion. Kim and Patrick were married on a gorgeous day at the Atlantica in Cohasset. Their day truly felt like a culmination of sorts for both families, a celebration of a love over a decade in the making. Kim and Patrick…I wish you continued joy as you start the next chapter of your story. Congratulations!!