A wedding day is something that is planned for months, sometimes years…where every last little detail is considered and stressed over to make sure everything is perfect. Emily and Brendan’s day was certainly one where all the pieces were simply stunning. The flowers, the dress, the colors, the ballroom all set up and glowing at The Roger’s Williams casino. But this is not what sticks out in my mind. The aspect that I will remember for a long time to come is the excitement Emily and Brendan felt to be married. The joy that radiated from their faces during a full mass at Providence College, where a sacred Sacrament was received. I believe that Emily and Brendan feel the importance of this next step as a couple, and that is so very inspiring to all those who have the pleasure of knowing them. Nothing is going to shake this bond…not even a wedding dress that pops a button right before the ceremony!! Emily and Brendan….I am honored to share a small piece of your story and wish you continued joy throughout your married life!

PS: A huge thank you to the very talented Sharon for being so great and shooting alongside me!