One of my favorite aspects of being a wedding photographer is hearing the backstory of how a couple met. I love how no two stories are the same and that usually a little bit of luck plays a role. On a recent summer weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing Matt and Lucia’s engagement session at Lynch Park in Beverly. We talked a lot about their weddings plans and about their families (from the sounds of it, this celebration is going to be a ton of fun!). Matt and Lucia also explained how they met…on a very rainy day back during their days in college. Lucia was on her way to class with a friend, who had offered to drive Matt as well. A relationship quickly followed. I just love how the same person in Lucia’s rearview mirror is now her soon-to-be husband. This comes as no surprise…Matt and Lucia simply make sense together. They are capital H-Happy! Next September in Salem cannot come fast enough!