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Brendan & Emily: Married!

A wedding day is something that is planned for months, sometimes years…where every last little detail is considered and stressed over to make sure everything is perfect. Emily and Brendan’s day was certainly one where all the pieces were simply stunning. The flowers, the dress, the colors, the ballroom all set up and glowing at The Roger’s Williams casino. But this is not what sticks out in my mind. The aspect that I will remember for a long time to come is the excitement Emily and Brendan felt to be married. The joy that radiated from their faces during a full mass at Providence College, where a sacred Sacrament was received. I believe that Emily and Brendan feel the importance of this next step as a couple, and that is so very inspiring to all those who have the pleasure of knowing them. Nothing is going to shake this bond…not even a wedding dress that pops a button right before the ceremony!! Emily and Brendan….I am honored to share a small piece of your story and wish you continued joy throughout your married life!

PS: A huge thank you to the very talented Sharon for being so great and shooting alongside me!

Will & Kylee: Married!

Walking down the streets of historic Chestnut Street in Salem, I find it extremely easy to let my mind wander. Taking in the sights of this charming area makes me think about who used to live here and what their lives must have been like. On one particular day in early August, I had the opportunity to photograph Will and Kylee as they committed to a life together. What is so remarkable about their day was that Will grew up on Chestnut Street. He spent the majority of his life walking these streets day in and day out, most likely passing by the Pickering House on a weekly basis. I asked him during formal pictures if he ever imagined he would be here on his wedding day…and the answer was a very quick yes. For Will and Kylee, the decision to get married in Salem was a no-brainer. Soon after their engagement, these two started planning a garden inspired wedding with romantic details on the grounds of the Pickering House. The result is just too good for words. I left Will and Kylee’s day feeling inspired…not just by what I saw, but because of the love that surrounds this couple. Friends and family came from all over to shower Kylee and Will with celebration. I know that they deserve all the well wishes as they are just two of the nicest, most down to earth people I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. Here is just a very small sneak peek of a wedding chock full of meaningful and gorgeous details (think lush flowers by The Floral Lab, the oldest home in Salem, a laid back barbecue buffet, and two BHLDN dresses). Congrats to Will & Kylee….wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!!

Stephen & Caitlin: Engaged!

The fact that 2017 is more than halfway over is totally mind boggling. As a wedding photographer, I spend months looking forward to each and every wedding, imagining what the details will look like and all the special moments that will take place. Caitlin and Stephen are one of my 2018 couples and I already cannot wait for their intimate wedding on a beautiful island in Florida. I have known Caitlin since meeting her through Heather (who you might remember from earlier this year!), and was so excited when she contacted me with the news of her engagement. We planned for a Wingaersheek beach engagement session, and pretty much got the nicest night of the summer. This is fitting for Caitlin and Stephen, who are just as bright and warm as can be. Thanks for being such great sports you two and I’ll see you on the beach again before you know it!

Matt & Lucia: Engaged!

One of my favorite aspects of being a wedding photographer is hearing the backstory of how a couple met. I love how no two stories are the same and that usually a little bit of luck plays a role. On a recent summer weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing Matt and Lucia’s engagement session at Lynch Park in Beverly. We talked a lot about their weddings plans and about their families (from the sounds of it, this celebration is going to be a ton of fun!). Matt and Lucia also explained how they met…on a very rainy day back during their days in college. Lucia was on her way to class with a friend, who had offered to drive Matt as well. A relationship quickly followed. I just love how the same person in Lucia’s rearview mirror is now her soon-to-be husband. This comes as no surprise…Matt and Lucia simply make sense together. They are capital H-Happy! Next September in Salem cannot come fast enough!