There are certain times when I feel the need to pinch myself that a couple chose me to photograph one of the most important days in their life. Briana and Dan are perhaps the most perfect example. There is such a warmth to Briana and Dan-they have the unique ability to make anyone feel at ease when in their presence. One might wonder if being truly happy all the time is possible, and I would say the answer is yes (just look at Briana’s face throughout the course of this blog post!!). Briana and Dan exemplify so much of what the world needs in a married couple. They are a role model for what it means to be together forever…never sweating the small stuff and simply living in the moment. I am so honored to have met Briana and Dan and will continue to be humbled that they chose me. Their day at the Beauport Hotel in Gloucester was so beautiful and I am beyond excited to share some of my favorites (which was basically impossible…major over-share here!).

Congrats to Briana and Dan!!