Sometimes, just writing one blog post can take me days. I want to make sure that my words adequately describe the feeling behind a day as important as a wedding…the anticipation, the emotion, and the joy that each couple experiences. For Jenna and Tom, my thoughts were pretty much ready to write the moment I left this incredible day. Right after their emotional first look, Tom so sincerely said “I feel like a weight has been lifted now that we are together.” This speaks volumes to who Jenna and Tom are as a couple. There is an undeniable sense of commitment, of caring for one another, of a love that has been challenged and strengthened for the better part of ten years. On one hand they seem like best friends, but on the other, they are so madly in love. Their early summer day in Salem was one where everything kept falling perfectly into place. The sun held out until everyone was safely inside..ready to party the night away (with a cardboard cut-out of Tom…my favorite detail for sure!!). Jenna and Tom, I am so excited to see what the future holds for you! Congratulations and enjoy this sneak peek!